Ely Standard Column: Greater Powers to Prevent FGM

Public awareness of the barbaric and illegal practice of FGM has increased over recent months and years. Despite significant progress in strengthening anti-FGM laws since it first became illegal in this country in 1985, the first successful prosecution for the offence of FGM, only occurred in Jan

New Children's Hospital is a Great Boost

There is no doubt that the emotional and physical well being of a child has a direct impact on their adult health. It is also widely accepted that physical health and mental health are fundamentally linked.

Cambridge Independent Column:

A couple of weeks ago the Government’s bill on upskirting passed successfully through the House of Commons and will now make its way through the House of Lords.  

Cambridge Independent Column: Tackling Teacher Recruitment

The piloting of a new government website to help schools advertise for, and recruit the teachers they need, is now up and running in Cambridgeshire and the North East. Following the pilot, it is hoped that the website will be launched nationally.