Petition to Dual the A10

Please sign Lucy's petition requesting that the Government commit to funding the dualling of the A10 - please also encourage others to do so; the more signatures we have, the better!

Improving our Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure is needed in South East Cambridgeshire and Lucy has been taking action to ensure that our local transport links are improved.

Securing the Right School Funding Deal

Lucy has long campaigned for a fairer school funding system to ensure that pupils in Cambridgeshire are afforded the same opportunities as those children in better-funded areas.

Improving Broadband & Mobile

The matter of achieving connectivity for all South East Cambridgeshire is a matter of upmost concern to Lucy Frazer MP.

Campaign to Save Ely MIU

The first phase for the piloting of the Local Urgent Care Scheme (LUCS) project is now underway and reportedly going very well.  Fears raised about the potential closure of the Ely Minor Injuries Unit at the Princess of Wales Hospital prompted a very well managed and executed campaign to save Ely

Supporting local businesses

South East Cambridgeshire has a thriving local economy and we have many industries to be proud of. Lucy regularly meets with local businesses in the constituency to get their views on how we can support business owners.