MP Rejects Inadequate Response From Govia Thameslink And Calls For Face to Face Meeting

Lucy Frazer MP is pursuing her challenge to Govia Thameslink regarding the change to the timing of the first off-peak Ely to Cambridge. Amidst the wider picture of general disruption since the revised timetable was introduced a couple of weeks ago, Lucy is not letting go of the concerns she has raised regarding the specific problems caused by changing the timing of the first off peak service from Ely to Cambridge from 08.58 to 09.17.

Lucy is now calling for a face to face meeting with the Chief Operating Officer of Govia Thameslink. Lucy first wrote to raise concerns about the then impending changes in April. She received an unsatisfactory written response which prompted her to arrange a call to discuss the matter further. Still unhappy with the response she received, the MP wrote once again to the Chief Operating Officer and is now calling for a face to face meeting to find a workable solution.

Lucy Frazer said, “To date I have been disappointed with the responses I have received from Govia, both written and verbal. I am intent on pursuing the problem for Ely commuters and ensuring that this issue gets the attention it deserves”.

The concerns Lucy has outlined include:

  • The adverse financial impact on constituents previously able to travel from Ely to Cambridge for a 9.30am start on an off peak tariff. 
  • The fact that the original off peak service also allowed those who needed to, to take their full size bicycles on board. 
  • The fact that the draft timetable put out by Govia for consultation maintained a pre 9am off peak service but the final timetable with no pre 9am off peak service was only published once the consultation was finished.
  • And the fact that little effort was made by Govia to gain feedback from Ely passengers on the grounds that Ely Station is operated by a different company.