Dog thefts in Fordham

Several constituents have been in contact with me to raise their concerns about dog thefts in Fordham and the surrounding area. I virtually met with Cllrs Julia Huffer and Joshua Schumann to discuss these concerns with Chris O'Brien and Dan Quigley from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary. We specifically discussed the legislation and the placement of dog theft in terms of sentencing.

Both Chris and Dan emphasised the importance of reporting any attempted or actual dog thefts asĀ it adds to their intelligence efforts. During lockdown our area experienced a higher demand for dogs, with prices for them increasing. Since the end of lockdown and a publicity campaign to raise awareness of this crime, dog thefts have decreased, but many thefts are not being reported.

Anyone who has experienced a dog theft or believes one may be likely should call 101 to report the incident to the police. You can also take a number of precautions to deter dog thefts such as keeping an ID tag on your pet, microchipping measures, securing gates and installing an alarm.

If you remain concerned about dog theft please email me on