Canvassing in Willingham

Lucy was canvassing in Willingham this week. A number of residents raised the issue of rural crime and the benefits of the village meeting that she attended with the police last year to discuss this issue.

Canvassing in Little Thetford

Out with experienced canvassers, new canvassers and first time voters, all canvassing in Little Thetford.

Canvassing in Bottisham

Lucy is pleased to have successfully supported Bottisham Village College when she was first elected to get funds as part of their building expansion, to have worked with Connecting Cambridgeshire to ensure that over 96 per cent of premises in Bottisham have access to super fast broadband and to h

Canvassing in Wicken and Soham

Taking a break from knocking on doors in Wicken and Soham - many residents were pleased that construction on the station in Soham will start next year.

Lucy is campaigning to upgrade the A10 - with a bid to government already submitted which she have supported.

Canvassing in Fulbourn

Lucy was out canvassing with some new recruits in Fulbourn. For many people health, education, housing, policing are the key issues in this election.

Canvassing in Ely

Lucy was in Ely discussing the general election - many people wanting to move on and get on to our domestic priorities - hospitals, education and policing. Lucy had similar conversations with residents in Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior yesterday.