Lucy speaks on Trade, Exports, Innovation and Productivity

In the Opposition Day debate on Trade, Exports, Innovation and Productivity, Lucy raises research and scientific innovation in Cambridgeshire; fairer funding; and teaching technology from a young age. Lucy also raises the importance of languages such as Mandarin.

Lucy speaks in the second reading of the Childcare Bill

In the second reading of the Childcare Bill, Lucy raises the importance of childcare, both in allowing women to return to work upon having a child, and giving the children the best education from the earliest age.

Lucy speaks in the Devolution Bill

In a debate about devolution, Lucy highlighted the success of Cambridgeshire: a world-class leader in education, research and entrepreneurship.  She identified how devolved powers may assist the region and asked for greater powers for the region including  the power to raise money itself so that

Lucy speaks about the Sustainable Development Goals

In a debate on sustainable development goals, Lucy spoke about the importance of offering sustained, quality education, as well as suggesting that local communities be empowered to deal with local problems. She also said that  success should be measured on the basis of outcomes and not the number

Lucy speaks about the Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East

In her speech, Lucy spoke about Britain's proud history of welcoming refugees.  She highlighted that when we offer a safe haven in Britain we also need to ensure that those who come have an opportunity to integrate into our society: providing access to learning the language and access to study, t

Lucy speaks in the Finance Bill

Lucy spoke about the importance of having a strong economy and reducing the deficit. She also mentioned how an increase in the personal allowance will reduce taxes for working people, as well as the national living wage giving 2.5 million people a pay rise.

Lucy speaks in the Budget Debate

Lucy's speech highlighted three important areas of the Budget: helping young people find work, making sure that work pays through the introduction of a national living wage, and reducing the deficit to ensure that Britain lives within its means.