Installing a Safe Crossing at A10/A142 Ely Junction

The junction by the A10/A142 BP roundabout is part of a well-used route for members of the public, including young families and the elderly, but it is hazardous for anybody attempting to cross. A safe walkway for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians is urgently needed. 

I have supported the case for a safe crossing at the junction for several years. I supported its inclusion in the Local Transport Plan of former Mayor, James Palmer. I have also repeatedly pressed the current Mayor, Nik Johnson, to progress with this project. 

I am pleased that options for a safe crossing have now been shortlisted, with a single preferred option due to be proposed soon, but it has taken far too long to get to this point. We cannot afford to have any more delays.

I am calling on the Combined Authority Mayor to prioritise the installation of a safe crossing at this junction, and I ask everybody who feels strongly about this issue to sign the petition below. I hope this will build on the fantastic work of local resident, Sally Boor, who raised the profile of this problem locally, and finally get this project over the line.


Installing a Safe Crossing at A10/A142 Ely Junction

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We, the undersigned, call on the Combined Authority Mayor to provide a safe crossing with no further delays.