School closures

The government has found it necessary to order that schools be closed starting on Friday March 20th. Exams scheduled for May and June will also be cancelled. There will be a small number of exceptions for children of parents who work in vital services, such as the NHS, police, and supermarket delivery. More details are available in the Education Secretary’s statement, which provides definitive information. It is available here.

Parents should know that they should not rely upon elderly grandparents or other relatives to provide childcare during this period, as they are the highest risk group. This development will place extraordinary burdens upon parents across South East Cambridgeshire, and it would not have been taken unless it were necessary to halt the spread of the virus, and save lives.

Click here to read the formal guidance in more detail, and for further information about who is a key worker providing vital services at this time.


A number of schools and early years settings across Cambridgeshire remain open and are working hard to look after those children deemed vulnerable, and those of key workers. A dedicated team is now on hand to signpost parents to available options, including childcare provided by nurseries and childminders. If you are a critical worker and in need of childcare support, please contact the Family Information Service on:

  • Cambridgeshire – 0345 045 1360