Canvassing in Ely

Lucy was in Ely discussing the general election - many people wanting to move on and get on to our domestic priorities - hospitals, education and policing. Lucy had similar conversations with residents in Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior yesterday.

Lucy marks Remembrance Sunday

A poignant service at Ely Cathedral this morning for Remembrance Sunday. We will never forget all those who risked their lives for ours.

Canvassing in Fordham

Lucy was in Fordham with members of the team talking about development, rebuilding Addenbrooke’s, and increased school funding.

Canvassing in Milton

Lucy was  in Milton talking to residents - and a treat for to speak to the Brownies in Milton who are going to visit the House of Commons on Monday.

Watch the video here.

Canvassing in Chippenham

Lucy was out in Chippenham talking with residents about local concerns such as the Sunnica solar farm and her campaign over the past few years for superfast broadband connectivity for the area. It's great that it is now at 97% - and she'll continue to do all she can to get it to 100%.

Lucy welcomes increase in per pupil funding

This first year of funding made possible by the Government’s three year, £14 billion pound investment in primary and secondary education, has now been released, and Lucy has welcomed an increase for per pupil funding for Cambridgeshire, on average, by 5%.