Waterbeach Incinerator Update

I am very pleased that today, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government upheld the decision of Cambridgeshire County Council to refuse planning for permission for the Waterbach Waste Recovery Facility, often referred to as the Waterbeach Incinerator. This decision was made upon the recommendation of a planning inspector appointed to consider an appeal made by the developer.

This is the right decision, and one residents across South East Cambridgeshire worked hard to secure. I was pleased to speak in support of the objections raised by local residents, having written in opposition at every stage. I was greatly troubled by the points residents raised with me including air pollution that would be caused by the facility, and the likely effect upon public health, local wildlife, and crops. I was also concerned about the size of the proposed development, and its visual impact in the surrounding area.

Issues around development and the environment must always be weighed carefully, but a vital principle is that large-scale or significant projects enjoy the consent and support of the local community. I am pleased that the result of this process is an outcome that reflects the feeling of those who live in the local area. I look forward to continuing to work with residents to ensure that our area enjoys growth and development, whilst at the same time leading the way when it comes to protecting the environment.