Sustainability in Changing Times 

A Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme, to allow growers to recruit eligible non-EU workers for six months at a time, is to be piloted from next spring.  The decision, announced by DEFRA and the Home Office, earlier this month recognises the importance of seasonal labour to keep the horticulture industry productive and profitable.  

Lucy Frazer MP met with local fruit and vegetable farmer, John Harrold and NFU members to discuss how the government is proposing to support the needs of the sector in the lead up to, and after leaving the EU. 

The meeting took place at Sun Close Farm, a family farm with a long established soft fruit growing business, based in Milton.  The business was started in 1971 by Paul and Nelda Harrold and is now run by their son John Harrold and his wife Lilliana, assisted by Paul and Nelda. Other local fruit and vegetable growers were invited to join in the discussion with the visiting MP. 

Lucy said, "Creating the right regulatory environment to support our farmers is absolutely essential.  Businesses like Harrold Fruit Farming and the many other growers in our region make a substantial contribution to our local and national economy and provide us with healthy and nutritious food.  Understanding their needs and supporting those needs is key.”