Stretham Primary Introduce Local Infrastructure Into Learning

Stretham Primary School Years 5 and 6 are engaging in discussions and debates over local infrastructure. As part of a new local geography unit, the pupils are looking at how Ely and its surrounding villages have grown over time due to population increase. They are considering the impact of this and the subsequent need for easy access to Cambridge as a centre of major employment.

Class teacher, Melodie Hawes, invited local MP, Lucy Frazer in to talk to the children about this topic, in particular her thoughts on the expansion of the A10. 

The children have also been hearing from other speakers in order to evaluate different opinions and debate the pros and cons of the viewpoints shared. 

Lucy was delighted at the invitation and happy to talk to the children about her work spearheading the campaign to upgrade the A10. She explained how she works with the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and meets regularly with and representatives from East and South Cambridgeshire District Councils as well as Government Ministers responsible for funding road upgrades.

Lucy said, “I always enjoy visiting schools and talking to pupils about school life and what interests them but it’s not often I get to engage with primary school pupils about infrastructure! We discussed the recommendations made regarding the A10 and the part I am playing in pushing for Government funding for the short, medium and long term improvements proposed.

"Making learning relevant is key to making it interesting and enjoyable for children. I hope they find this to be the case with the follow on debating and persuasive writing tasks that the teachers have lined up for them on this topic!”