Small Business Discretionary Grant Scheme is open

The discretionary grants scheme is now available for small businesses in South Cambridgeshire to apply for. Over £1.25m in grant funding is now available to help those who have not been eligible for Coronavirus support so far.

Eligible businesses such as charities, market traders, B&Bs and those in shared offices or flexible workspaces are invited to as soon as possible. The closing date is midnight on 22 June.

The one-off payments under the Government’s discretionary grants scheme range from £2,500 for small firms, £10,000 for charities and up to £10,000 for other businesses connected to the retail, hospitality and leisure industry. Firms that have already benefited from previous Government grants do not qualify.

For further information and to apply click here:…/fin…/discretionary-grant-funding

If you think you are eligible I urge you to apply.