MP on Patrol with Cambridgeshire Police

Following an uptick in reported cases, Lucy Frazer MP has been working with local groups and Cambridgeshire Police to increase the focus on reducing rural crime and cutting instances of low-level anti-social behaviour.

Where it occurs, criminality of this nature is of significant concern to local communities. It undermines the symbiotic nature of village life and must be tackled quickly and effectively.

Last week, Lucy shadowed a constable from Cambridgeshire Police to gain greater insight into local policing patterns and the efficacy of the criminal justice system. 

Lucy has also participated in open meetings in Burwell and Willigham with the police and local communities to discuss how best to tackle the issue.  

Following increased engagement with the police, positive results have already begun to show, with a reported decrease in crime and anti-social behaviour in Willingham and the surrounding area.  

Lucy said, “I am delighted that Cambridgeshire Police and local communities have been engaging constructively to come up with solutions to local crime and I am delighted to have been a part of bringing people together in this respect. I gained a significant insight into the work police do at a local level on the day that I shadowed them and I wish to thank all of those I met. I will continue to engage with the police and local communities to fight crime wherever possible” 

“If you are concerned about crime in your local area, please contact me at to raise the issue or, if urgent, you can contact the police on 999 or visit the Cambridgeshire Police website at”