Lucy Frazer MP column: Working as a Team for the Best Outcome

I am extremely grateful to everyone in South East Cambridgeshire who voted for me last Thursday and am honoured to have been re-elected as your MP. It has been a busy 8 weeks since we first heard news of a snap election, announced on 18th April and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported me during these past weeks.   Elections are won by teams, not individuals, and I very much appreciate all the support I have received.

I will continue to work on all the key campaigns I was engaged with prior to the the election, namely improving infrastructure and driving forward all the projects that are at different stages of development including the Ely bypass, improvements to the A10 and the A14/142 junction and building a station in Soham.  I will continue to fight to ensure that increased funding for our schools is forthcoming and that we benefit from a fairer funding formula having been underfunded for so many years. I will re-engage with all the key players responsible for superfast broadband reaching every part of our constituency and re-energise my bid for our area to become a 5G mobile pilot area. I will keep close to the LUCS pilot at the Princess of Wales Hospital and be involved as and when needed to enable a positive outcome. 

As I settle back into Westminster, I am disappointed to have lost some excellent colleagues and friends.  We face huge challenges over the coming years and it is important that we now work together to get the best outcome for our country going forward.  

P.S. It was a privilege to be part of the vigil in Ely over the weekend in honour of victims of the recent terrorist atrocities and their families.  Such events put everything into perspective and my heart goes out to those affected.