Lucy Frazer MP column: Attack Intended to Strike at Very Heart of Society

In her weekly column for Ely News, MP for South East Cambridgeshire Lucy Frazer talks about last week's tragic events at Westminster and the progress on the development of Ely junction north. 

Last week was a tragic week in Westminster. It was a tragedy for those innocent people who were killed and for their family and friends. PC Palmer lost his life protecting us. It was a reminder of the superb job that the police do day in, day out, protecting us in the Houses of Parliament and in our communities. Taking place, as it did, in the Houses of Parliament, it was intended to be an attack on our democratic values. But those values are at the heart of our society and remain so. The definition of ‘terrorism’ includes ‘intimidation’ but if we are not intimidated those wishing to terrorise us fail. 

So, in the day and days after the attack, it was business as usual, as far as possible. And I was delighted to join with other MPs and key stakeholders at Ely station two days later to celebrate progress on the development of Ely junction north. The Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP and New Anglia LEP agreed to provide £3.3 million each which together with £2.2 million from the Strategic Freight Network will allow detailed feasibility studies to be undertaken taking this project to the next stage. There is a need for a significant increase in freight and passenger capacity through the Ely area and this will assist in that process. 

As work continues on the Ely bypass I am delighted to see our road and rails getting the support and attention they deserve! 

PS I was so pleased to see the recent Viva production of Legally Blonde. An outstanding performance at the Brook’s Entertainment Centre in Soham.