Local Born Online Mental Health Initiative Seeks Funding for Growth

‘Time to Talk day’ has become an annual event encouraging people to talk about mental health.  We are all becoming much more aware of the huge benefits of talking about mental health but not many of us see those benefits and decide to take positive action. 

Katie Prentice from Linton, inspired by Time to Talk 2017, went on to set up an online support group for people suffering with mental health problems.  Last week she met with local MP, Lucy Frazer, to discuss sourcing the funding she needs to grow the group which already has 700 members. 

Lucy said “Katie explained to me what she has done to establish and grow an online community where members feel safe to talk about mental health and be supported without judgment.  The online world and social media, in particular, is often criticized as a major contributing factor to the increase in mental health problems especially amongst our youth but with her initiative Katie is using the reach of an online platform to talk about mental health in a positive and supportive way. Her drive and determination to make a difference and help others is really amazing.”