Increase in funding for Cambridgeshire schools

Schools are getting increased funding for the next 2021-2022 academic year. Nationally, mainstream school funding will increase by 4% for the year, with every student in England receiving an increase in per pupil funding. This equates to every primary school receiving a minimum of £4000 per pupul and every secondary school receiving a minimum of £5150 per pupil.

In South East Cambridgeshire, schools have been allocated an average increase of over 4% in per pupil funding. The National Funding Formula allocations reflect a 60% increase in the total additional funding for small and remote schools - this is good news for small schools in our area who can attract further funding due to their status.

I have continued campaigning for increased funding for schools since I was first elected in 2015, and I am particularly proud that East Cambridgeshire is one of 12 'Opportunity Areas' that enables the opportunity to 'unlock' additional funding. I hope that this announcement will provide our schools with the certainty they need at this difficult time.