Swaffham Bulbeck Primary

Lucy visited the local primary school in Swaffham Bulbeck last week to meet with the pupils.

Small Business Saturday

Lucy marked Small Business Saturday by visiting local business owners in and around Ely.

Milton CE Primary School

Last week Lucy visited Milton Church of England Primary School to meet with students and staff. 

Lucy chairs Ely College meeting

Lucy Frazer organises a constructive meeting at Ely College that investigates what measures are being taken to improve the school.

Ely College

Today, Lucy met with parents and key stakeholders to discuss the future of Ely College. 

Lucy to chair meeting at Ely College

Lucy Frazer will chair a meeting at Ely College to discuss what progress has been made to improve standards at the school and what plans are in place to move forward.

Ely Child Contact Centre

Lucy Frazer spent this morning at the contact centre in Ely to learn about the volunteer-based contact service for families. 

Burrough Green Primary School

Lucy's latest school visit was to Burrough Green Primary School to meet with children and staff.