Lucy schedules broadband meeting

Lucy Frazer will chair a meeting in January that will tackle the issue of poor broadband service in villages in South and East Cambridgeshire.

Lucy presses the importance of the Ely North Junction

Lucy Frazer, working in collaboration with Elizabeth Truss MP and George Freeman MP, have met with the Transport Secretary to stress the importance of upgrading the Ely North Junction. A round table discussion on the issue has been scheduled for February 2016.

Lucy chairs Ely College meeting

Lucy Frazer organises a constructive meeting at Ely College that investigates what measures are being taken to improve the school.

Lucy to chair meeting at Ely College

Lucy Frazer will chair a meeting at Ely College to discuss what progress has been made to improve standards at the school and what plans are in place to move forward.

Interview on education funding

Lucy Frazer was interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire today about the Chancellor's announcement on education funding changes.