Lucy speaks about the Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East

In her speech, Lucy spoke about Britain's proud history of welcoming refugees.  She highlighted that when we offer a safe haven in Britain we also need to ensure that those who come have an opportunity to integrate into our society: providing access to learning the language and access to study, t

Lucy tours farm research site near Histon

Lucy Frazer visits The National Institute of Agricultural Botany’s (NIAB) Park Farm research site and learns about the new type of ‘superwheat’ being developed there.

Lucy Frazer hosts open parish meetings

Lucy Frazer hosted a series of open meetings with parish and town councils across the constituency to meet with local residents and discuss local and national concerns. 

Lucy Frazer meets researchers at NIAB

Lucy Frazer met with Dr Tina Barsby and her colleagues at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, which undertakes plant research, crop evaluation and agronomy. Lucy was invited to visit the NIAB site in Histon and meet with the staff there. The NIAB recently developed a re-synthesised 'superwheat' following a £5 million investment programme to extend its crop research facilities. 

Lucy speaks in the Finance Bill

Lucy spoke about the importance of having a strong economy and reducing the deficit. She also mentioned how an increase in the personal allowance will reduce taxes for working people, as well as the national living wage giving 2.5 million people a pay rise.