A Better School Environment Equals A Better Environment

Net Zero Buildings are an off-site manufacturer of energy efficient buildings. They specialise in building for the education sector and their trademarked design “Schoolhaus®” is now the UK’s most energy efficient school building.

A net zero building is defined as ‘a structure that consumes less energy than it generates.’

Net Zero have developed the technology, the design principles and the off-site construction techniques to create intelligent net zero, carbon buildings. They are leading the way in providing efficient school environments and have already delivered over 70 schemes across the UK.

Lucy Frazer said “It is so encouraging that as a region we attract so many forward looking businesses. It was fascinating to learn how the “Schoolhaus®” buildings, designed and manufactured by Net Zero buildings, are pushing the boundaries and, at the same time, teaching their occupants, the next generation, about the importance of taking better care of our environment.”