Almath Crucibles - A Local Success Story

Almath Crucibles Ltd began life in a garden shed 20 years ago.  It has recently celebrated its 10,000th invoice!  Lucy Frazer MP went to visit owner Michael Misson at the company's home, a rural farm site in Burrough Green near Newmarket.  

Almath specialises in the manufacture and global export of bespoke ceramic crucibles and refractory products.  In addition to being taught how to make a crucible, Lucy was also treated to home made cakes. Michael's wife, Dr. Ana Cerdeno-Tarraga, a well published micro biologist, has recently set up her own baking business, 

Discussion centred around manufacturing issues including availability of industrial sites, availability of suitable small business grants and the import and export of goods post Brexit. 

Lucy said, "Almath is a local success story, a business started from scratch 20 years ago that is now globally recognised. Michael is naturally looking ahead and considering plans for the future of Almath.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss with him the needs of manufacturing businesses such as his and consider how best our government can support their continued growth. `it was a bonus to sample The Honeyshed Bakery's latest offerings courtesy of Michael's wife Ana.  I wish Ana well with her new venture and perhaps the prospect of first class homemade refreshments will also assist the continuing growth of Almath!"