Reducing HGV traffic via the A1421

My constituents in Haddenham, Wilburton, Stretham and Wicken have faced risks to their safety from heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) cutting through their villages via the A1421.

To demonstrate to the county council the local strength of feeling on the issue of HGV ‘rat-running’, I have created a petition to support Haddenham Parish Council's excellent campaign. It calls for:

  1. the implementation of Cllr Bill Hunt's motion to the county council to downgrade the A1421 to a ‘B’ road
  2. the subsequent introduction of a weight limit which will legally prohibit the use of the route for HGVs, except for those permitted by a designated exemption scheme

If you are concerned about the volume of HGVs using this route, please give your support by signing this petition.

Reforming the A1421

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We, the undersigned, call on the county council to agree to downgrade the A1421 from an 'A' road to a 'B' road and install a weight limit.