Improving our Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure is needed in South East Cambridgeshire and Lucy has been taking action to ensure that our local transport links are improved.

Junctions 37 (A14/A142) and 38 (A14/A11)

Lucy has been campaigning alongside the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, neighbouring MP Matt Hancock, and Cllrs Steve Count and Colin Noble for investment in Junctions 37 and 38 of the A14. 

These junctions serve an area in which there is significant economic and population growth – East Cambridgeshire is one of the fastest growing districts in one of the fastest growing regions in the UK, which is delivering significant numbers of new jobs and considerable demand for additional housing. It is therefore essential to invest in improving capacity at these junctions to alleviate severe congestion and ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place.

Lucy has recently written to the Roads Minister to again press for clarity as to when the results of the Government’s consultation into the Road Investment Strategy 2 (RIS 2) will be published. It is hoped that RIS 2 will offer a valuable source of funding for the package of capacity and safety measures required at Junctions 37 and 38. 


Lucy has spearheaded a campaign to upgrade the A10. She is working closely with the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to achieve this end. She has held many meetings with representatives from East and South Cambridgeshire District Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership and most recently pressed the case for the urgent need for improvement with Roads Minister Jesse Norman. She has set up a petition on this website to demonstrate further the strength of demand for these improvements.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has now published its recommendations regarding improvements to the A10 detailing a comprehensive multi-modal package of measures over the short, medium and long term - from investment in cycle paths to junction improvements and dualling both the southern and northern sections. This is an important and welcome step but in order for any recommendations to be implemented there is a need to obtain Government funding. This is the purpose of her petition.  To sign this campaign please click here.

The Ely Area Improvements Programme

The Ely Area Improvements Programme (EAIP) intends to solve chronic capacity and connectivity issues on the region’s railways by unlocking the potential of Ely Station to help deliver jobs and enhanced economic growth to the Eastern Region.

Delivering the EAIP is a key priority for the Government and local MPs are working closely with the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Network Rail, and the County Council to deliver the project. Lucy is supporting their efforts whilst taking every available opportunity to represent the views of her constituents. 

In particular, she is pushing for the doubling of the Ely to Soham line to be included in the project so that it is funded and completed at the same time as the EAIP.  This is vital to realising the maximum economic gain from the EAIP, tying it with the construction of a new station in Soham, as championed by the Mayor, and ensuring that the new station will have the bandwidth it needs to deliver jobs and prosperity to the heart of the constituency. Lucy continues to press this point with the Transport Secretary and Network Rail. 

Lucy shares the concerns of residents in Queen Adelaide and Prickwillow about the impact the EAIP might have on level crossings in the area. An issue has arisen because the level crossings, operating as they do currently, might restrict Network Rail's ability to deliver the EAIP.  

Lucy is delighted that the County Council has so far listened to the representations that she and others have made in this regard and that it has subsequently decided to focus on delivering alternative infrastructure, such as a road or a bridge, to preserve access to jobs, vital services, and facilities in Ely and the surrounding area. This is an important step towards delivering the considerable benefits of upgrading Ely North Junction without isolating Queen Adelaide and Prickwillow. 

Lucy will now work with the Combined Authority and other key stakeholders to develop the EAIP proposals in more detail.

Soham Station 

Lucy is working with Network Rail, the District Council, the Country Council and the Combined Authority to build a station in Soham. She has met with Network Rail and other key stakeholders on many occasions since she was first elected in 2015. The project is currently at the Grip 3 stage assessing feasibility and a timetable for delivery.  She has supported a bid to Government to access the New Station Fund.

Ely Bypass

Work began on the Ely Bypass in January 2017 and the new mile long road is now open.   Lucy campaigned on this since before being first elected in 2015 and worked closely with the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, James Palmer, the County Council, the District Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department of Transport to ensure Government funding for the project.  The Bypass will deliver a reduction in congestion, bringing with it significant economic benefits, cutting travel time and improving transport links in the area.

Lucy will continue to work on these campaigns until they are all delivered.